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Hon. Elia Ortiz
Dept C
Family Law Judge 2014 - 2015
Juvenile 2014 - 2015

Remember - You want a Fair, Unbiased and Balanced Judge.

The current polling results listed below appear to show that Hon. Elia Ortiz does not promote public confidence in the court and that she favors woman over men in her court rulings - Good news for the woman and bad news for the men.

At this time it is not known if Hon. Elia Ortiz pre-reads your case or just "pull up your case up on the computer right before hearing your case" and or how she handles the integrity of her court and or the attorney's she may personally know?

Did You Know:

Help keep the Napa Court System Fair for Kids, Woman and Men. In the end, the only winners in court are the Attorney's who become Judges. They write and enforce the laws that help allow them to shake you out emotionally, financially and they will continue this as long as you allow it. Vote below so that you will know what you may be facing when going into these court rooms.

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New 2015 Polling question to help you determine the integrity of Hon. Elia Ortiz

Refresh Page After Reviweing Results to Vote

New 2015 Polling question to help you determine the integrity of Hon. Elia Ortiz

Refresh Page After Reviweing Results to Vote

Note: Napa Court Special Treatment for those who have an Attorney representing themselves - See Napa Local Rule 7, 7.2 Calender Assignments (Page 22 of Napa Court Rules) Those who have One Attorney representing them will likely be sent to this Judge (god help you if you can't afford or don't have an attorney to represent you). If you are poor and or unable to afford an attorney and or there are no attorney's, you will likely be treated as a second class citizen.

Napa Local Rule 7 - 7.2 Calendar Assignments  http://www.napa.courts.ca.gov/general-info/local-rules
All family law matters in which at least one party is represented by counsel are calendared in the master family law department, except child support enforcement. Family law matters in which both parties are self-represented are heard separately on the family law self-represented calendar. Restraining order hearings, ex parte hearings, guardianship proceedings, and child support enforcement proceedings where the Department of Child Support Services is appearing are heard on separate calendars. The dates, times, departments, and judicial assignments for these calendars may be found at http://www.napa.courts.ca.gov. (Effective 7/1/11)

Below are questions you want to think about and items you want to keep a keen eye on for your protection:

Does she Pre-Read Court Documents? .. Or does she just pull it up on her computer and start talking?

The Most Common trait of the Napa Family Court is to read court filings while handling the case. The SCARY part is a Judge following the direction of the Attorney without confirming the real Truth! Imagine how a Judge would feel if a Surgeon did not look at the Judges Health file and Just started Operating and Then asked questions while operating!

Does she favor and or treat some attorney's different than others... IF so, this could be a sign of favortism / baised towards that attorney / law firm. Does she treat Men or Woman different?

Does she allow both Men and Woman equal time with their children? Does she feel that children should be with both Mom and Dad? or More to Mom or Dad? Does she favor Women or Men more?

Does she allow one parent to throw out random allegations without confirming if the court is being used as a tool to destroy the other parent and or allow Attorney's to FUEL the case / Game the System / so that the Attorney's can Line their Financial Pockets?

DON'T BE FOOLED - Napa Family Law Judges have frequently shown that they allow those to LIE in court and DO NOTHING! I don't know if this Judge allows this, however there are several Judges who do. Imagine showing the Court PROOF of them being LIED TO by your Spouse and THEY DO NOTHING! .. thus helping line the financial pockets of their "friend" attorneys?... and they Call the Napa Court "JUSTICE".

Does she allow Attorney's to GAME THE SYSTEM? Any Judge worth their Salt, knows the GAME... so the question then becomes, does the Judge allow attorney's to twist, destroy families, take children away from a loving parent .. ALL FOR THE "GAME" of FAMILY COURT. THIS IS NOT A GAME!

Keep great notes or get a copy of the recordings. You may need to get court documents to show / proof of any bias and or lack of following their own rules & protocalls to properly handle your case.IF you notice Biased in the Judge, immediately get others in the court that would experience the same biased and have everyone file their own compliants to the Judicial Branch! This is the only way to Stop Judge Bias - One compliant won't be enough.

Hon. Elia Ortiz

March 2013: She received her B.A. from Sonoma State University and J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. She spent her career prior to the bench working in the criminal defense arena. She worked for the public defenders’ offices in Riverside County and Solano County before she came to the Napa County Public Defender’s Office in 2001. Her caseload included general felonies, homicide, juvenile delinquency, conservatorships and trials. Judge Ortiz was appointed to the bench by Governor Brown in late December 2012, becoming the first Latin American judicial officer in Napa County. Judge Ortiz is currently assigned to the civil division.

I'm hoping that she is fair for all of us - Napan's and especially kids deserve to have a fair, balanced and unbiased Judges!

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